Food blogger in trouble after Income Tax dept. likes her post of food accompanied with onion as salad

The sharply rising price of onions has left many teary-eyed. One of the most basic ingredients for many Indian dishes, the sky rocketing price has people worried. Some are, however, combating this pressure in a humorous way by taking to social media and sharing jokes.

But the joke or rather a reality which has shocked everyone is of a food blogger who invited trouble by sharing post of her food which had onion on the side.

Onion in salads has been a rarity in past couple of days and people are trying to find replacement of onions in salads and many have in fact stopped eating salad.

Jagatjanani Srivastava, a Mumbai based food blogger invited trouble when he was not able to control his habit of posting everything that he eats. He was eating daal rice with salad and forgot that onion pics are being secretly viewed by investigative agencies. Income Tax dept. have liked her post and there are chances that she will be interrogated as and when her number comes.

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