Food Blogger Falls Unconscious Due To Weakness As No Eateries Invite Her For Free Food Due To Rising Covid Cases

Bengaluru: A food blogger was admitted to hospital after she fell unconscious due to weakness and low glucose levels. Reportedly, Megha the popular food blogger on Instagram hadn’t eaten for over eight days straight as no eateries invite her for feast due to rising Covid cases.

Megha wouldn’t pay for food ever, because she’s a good blogger and she gets food for free that too all type of delicious foods. She doesn’t like home made food” said Megha’s friend who took her to the hospital.

Sources confirm that Megha has sued the doctor who gave her glucose and food to eat and charged for the same despite knowing that she’s a good blogger. Megha has given negative review of the glucose she was given and called it tasteless, odourless one star.

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