Following The Collapse Of Majerhat Bridge, Mamata Government Takes Swift Action; Orders Bridge To Be Painted Blue And White.

Mamta Banerjee

Kolkata: On Tuesday, a 66-foot deck of Alipore’s Majerhat Bridge collapsed, injuring several people and taking one life. However, unlike other state governments, the Mamata government was swift at taking an action. Mamata Banerjee immediately took the decision to rescue citizens and asked government officials to get the remaining portion of the bridge painted blue and white. As a precautionary measure, CM Mamata has also ordered to paint all the remaining bridges across the state. After being criticised by the opposition, to defend Mamata’s statement, Derek’O Brien produced data which indicated that buildings and bridges that were painted blue and white have a lesser probability of developing cracks or collapsing in comparison to those which were painted in some other colour in the last one year.

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