Finance Minister criticises Rupee to Dollar comparison, says it’s a symbol of slavery

The rupee touching a record low of Rs 81 against the US dollar has made people except for the finance minister highly concerned. While there are multiple reasons for this currency deceleration, primary amongst them is the American currency’s strength in the overseas market, the finance minister finds the rupee-dollar comparison not only baseless but also our colonial mindset.


The finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman lambasted the economic expert for continuously comparing rupee with dollar. FM said that among the population of over 130 crore there are hardly a few who trade or earn in dollars our government would rather focus on people who have rupee.


Speaking to The Fauxy, FM Nirmala Sitharaman said “It’s time we come out of our colonial mindset and stop comparing Rupee with Dollar, which is a symbol of slavery. She further added “Our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji has started a campaign to do away with the symbols of slavery, we should also participate in the campaign by not comparing dollar and rupee”.



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