Feminists Welcome Arvind Kejriwal’s Free Metro Ride Proposal

After successfully announcing CCTV and free WiFi all across New Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has now announced free rides for women in the Delhi metro. The proposal which is being viewed as a rip-off of Rahul Gandhi’s NYAY, is also supposed to be funded using the taxpayers’ money.

“For long women wanted the government to close the pay gap between men and women. Who knew that giving them free metro rides was all it would take to empower them!” said an elated Manish Sisodia in a presser.

The announcement received mixed reactions from the public. While some were pointing out how impractical it could be, Feminists across the nation were beyond elated with Kejriwal’s idea.

“Men do not pay to be men. Why should women pay to be women?” said Swara, all smiles after Delhi’s Chief Minister announced a free ride for women in the Delhi metro.

“When we started this Feminism movement in India, everybody told us we were doing it only for publicity and it would amount to nothing. Look, today we got free metro rides out of it.” said an elated Shobha De.

“Now my boyfriend does not get to rub off his machoism on me by going off to buy the household grocery while I sit back at home like a damsel in distress. These free metro rides have a larger underlying message of women empowerment!” said Gurmehar Kaur.

“Earlier we had to pay to travel in the Delhi metro. In this male-dominated patriarchal society, it was like we were getting the message that women don’t belong here. By waiving off our fares, Kejriwal has provided us with a level playing field” said Kavitha Krishnan.

Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party are glad that their election gimmick could evoke the interest of at least one section of the society. As per sources, after seeing the scheme’s popularity among Feminists, Kejriwal has even approached Malala to appear on its print advertisements.

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