Facebook Launches “Mark Yourself Safe From Shivsena Goons” Feature.

Shivsena led Maharashtra Govt is in no mood of listening to even a slightest of criticism and if they see anyone criticising the govt or CM Uddhav Thackeray then the result could mean anything from head-shave to house-demolition to beating the shit out of you.

Attack on a Retd Navy Officer by Shivsena Goons for sharing a cartoon is a latest example. However, Shivsena goons randomly beating people has made entrepreneurs make the business out of it. Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg has reportedly launched a new feature where people can mark themselves safe from Shivsena Goons.

Similarly, Arogya Setu app will tell people if there is any Shivsena goons nearby. Google Maps is also going to use its technology to ask its users to avoid ways which have Shivsena Goons or offices.

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