Existing Bigg Boss Contestants To Become Pornstars If No Adult Entertainer Makes A Wild Card Entry

On Sunday, Bigg Boss made a shocking statement, asking contestants to volunteer to become a porn star. Reportedly, Bigg Boss season 12 is receiving low TRP ratings as compared to similar episodes of previous seasons and one of the main reasons behind it is a poor glamour quotient.

In almost all the previous seasons of the show, one or another pornstar made an entry whether it was Sunny Leone or Pamela Anderson to name a few. The show makers had previously considered inviting Mia Khalifa to appear on the show but had to drop the idea after experts pointed out that the present house cameras were apparently incapable of capturing all her dimensions at once.

British Male Pornstar Danny D was also expected to appear on the show, but channel head Raj Khalnayak rubbished the rumours saying “You got to be kidding me! If we get a pornstar, I assure you it will be a female one. A male pornstar cannot cum, I mean, cannot come on the show for now!”

Unlike previous seasons, Bigg Boss 12 doesn’t feature any known pornstar and no pornographic actor has agreed to make a wild entry yet. Seeing the dropping TRPs, Bigg Boss makers had no alternative but to ask its existing contestants to become pornstars themselves. Currently, it’s on a volunteer basis however it may turn into a task if no one volunteers.

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