Everyone Stands Up To Applaud A Man Who Didn’t Standup The Moment Plane Landed

A bizarre scene was seen in the Delhi Mumbai Indigo flight early this morning when a man didn’t standup the moment flight landed. Seeing the man not getting from his seat despite plane’s wheels touching the runway, other co-passengers, air hostesses and pilots stood up to applaud the man.

The incident shocked people even more because the man wasn’t sitting at the window seat or the aisle but at the middle seat which makes people a little uncomfortable. Indigo chairman announced a gift hamper for the man for showing patience while de-boarding the plane.

However, later it was learned that the man’s leg got numb due to sitting in one position and that’s why he couldn’t standup immediately after the plane landed. Airline industries are working on plane designs that make people’s legs numb as soon as the plane lands.

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