Employees caught Moonlighting while Protesting against Unemployment during daytime

On Saturday it was discovered that hundreds of people were moonlighting while still being on the payroll for a protest against employment, the organisers of the protest sacked all the 221 employees…err.. protesters.

It is very simple. It is an act of integrity violation. We terminated the services of those people,” Protest Organiser responded to a question from The Fauxy.


While 221 protesters have been sacked, 300 have been given show cause notice as they were seen outside call centres at night and protest organisers are apprehensive about these protesters working at these call centres after the working hours of the protest.


Speaking to The Fauxy, the protest lead said “We aren’t against moonlighting but every employer is our direct competitor as we are against the unemployment and if someone gets the employment our protest would weaken.”

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