Elon Musk to Rename Twitter to T Æ W- 12

Tesla Inc Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has started a Twitter poll, asking users if they want to rename Twitter.


“Do you want to rename Twitter?” tweeted Musk, who has revealed a 9.2 per cent stake in the micro-blogging site, making him its largest shareholder.


Twitter CEO Parag quoted the tweet saying vote wisely as it may have serious consequences. Sources suggest that after renaming, the T Æ W- 12 users will be allowed to tweet only in mathematical equations so that their freedom of speech is intact.


Reportedly, Elon Musk has decided to rename twitter to T Æ W- 12. In In an interview with The Fauxy, Elon Musk spoke about renaming twitter and said, “So, T is just the letter T, and it is kept to have some connection with the previous name, Æ is pronounced as Aye and W-12 is my contribution and it is just pronounced as Waiter” Therefore, the final pronunciation of the name is, “TAyeWaiter” almost as Twitter.


Elon Musk is renaming it so that people no more associate the platform as the one which doesn’t allow free speech“. said Twitter Ex-CEO Jack, while sobbing.



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