Donald Trump Fires His Psychiatrist After She Tries To Convince Him To Accept Defeat

US Presidential Election debate doesn’t seem to over anytime soon. While the media has projected Joe Biden as the 46th US President, Donald Trump isn’t ready to accept defeat. Trump today also tweeted that he has won the election. Reportedly, Trump is taking strict action against people who believe otherwise. Seeing Trump’s mental condition, his psychiatrist Nancy Coover tried to convince him to accept defeat but it worsened Trump’s condition and he fired her.

Nancy Coover told The Fauxy “I can’t see Donald in such condition, his every tweet reads ‘claim is disputed’ he tweeted make America great again and it was also marked under claim is disputed” and she started crying vehemently.

India’s PM Modi has also asked Doland Trump to leave his chair with dignity so that he can contest election again after 4 years.

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