Delhi Violence Accused Ansar’s Mother Claims Ansar is a School Going Boy, Studying in Class 8th from Past 12 Years

The master-mind of the Delhi Jahangirpuri violence, Ansar was arrested on Sunday. Mother of Ansar has claimed that her son is innocent and is a school going boy. Speaking to The Fauxy, the mother of Ansar said “My son was arrested for no reason, and he is a school going student.  He’s an eighth class student from past 12 years“.


His teachers like him so much that they don’t allow him to go any other class and that’s why he has been in the same class from past 12 years. Such studious and teachers’ favourite has been framed by Modi because they don’t want kids from our community to get educated” said Ansar’s father.


A group of lawyers have approached Supreme Court to get Ansar bailed, however, Supreme Court denied the hearing saying court will open only midnight for criminals.


Ansar’s brother claimed that Ansar wants to be an IITian and for the same he had joined Aam Aadmi Party so that he can prepare for IIT under the guidance of IITian Arvind Kejriwal. “All the stones he pelted was only to practically understand the projectile motion for his IITJEE exam.” said Ansar’s brother.

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