Delhi: Starbucks Installs Feminist Card Machine At Starbucks  South Delhi Outlet After A Woman’s Demand

The leading coffee chain Starbucks is known for improvising to satisfy its customer. In a recent improvisation the South Delhi outlet of Starbucks has installed Feminist Card Machine for its women customer who fight for gender equality and believe invariably all men are trash.

Speaking to The Fauxy, the outlet manager said “Every day we witness at least one woman abusing us while sipping their coffee over price of the coffee, they bring gender issue in their argument and ultimately leave the cafe without paying a single penny. Hence, we have decided to install a feminist card machine so that they can pay”.

A woman who identifies herself as feminist said “we have right to coffee, no coffee chain can tell us what kind of coffee we want to have. we don’t take birth with money in our hand then how the hell can anyone even ask us to pay for our coffee”.

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