Delhi Police Arrest 6, Register 100 FIRs for Being Sad – India Happiness Index Row

New Delhi: Delhi police has registered 100 first information reports and arrested six people for being sad after India been ranked 126 out of 137 in World’s Happiness Index, the news agency The Fauxy has reported.

100 people against whom FIR has been filed for being sad, told The Fauxy that they appeared for exams thrice and all the time paper got leaked and result is in abeyance. While six people who have been arrested were Surya Kumar Yadav’s fans. Surya Kumar Yadav had scored three consecutive ducks making his fans disappointed.

The government has asked the authorities to take serious measures to improve India’s happiness index ranking. The government is disturbed with India’s ranking which is much below than war-torn Ukraine and bankrupt-Pakistan.

Government has mandated people to be happy and laugh atleast two hours everyday to help India improve its Happiness Index. The government is planning complete laugh-down across India from March 23rd where every citizen will have to stop the work they are doing and laugh their ass out for two hours. Details awaited.

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