Delhi man mistakenly bangs his sister-in-law due to low visibility created by smog.

National Capital New Delhi witnesses a spike in air pollution every year during the months of October, November and December. Winter fog combined with smoke and dust creates a cloud of smog, reducing visibility and increasing health hazards.

While smog has its own hazards, the low visibility is leading to many accidents on roads and even in bedrooms. Yes you heard it right!

A resident of Delhi, Aman was caught having sex with his sister-in-law by his wife on Friday. However, when Shikha, caught Aman he was moaning with the name ‘Shikha’ which made Shikha puzzled.

Clarifying everything, Aman said that he mistook his sister-in-law for his wife and went on. Currently the case is under investigation and that’s why the family members have been asked by their respective lawyers to stay quiet.

Once the hearing of the case begins, The Fauxy will bring to you the latest updates.

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