Delhi Airport detains a man who refused to show his ID saying “I am an Indian and I don’t need to prove it to anybody”

Clashes have broken out in various parts of the country starting from Bengal where numerous buses and trains were burned down by the protesters against the citizenship amendment bill.

Akshay Kumar urged the protesters to apply for citizenship through legal means just like him and not to opt for any violent methods. He said that such methods will belittle the struggle of every non-citizen of India like him to get citizenship.

Protests turned more serious when a man at Delhi airport refused to show his ID card at the entry saying he’s an Indian and he doesn’t need to prove this to anybody. After which the airport authority detained him.

A shocking statement also came from Mumbai when leading actress Ananya Pandey said that CAB is helping her in promoting her new film ‘Athithi tum CAB jaoge’ but her producers clarified to her that CAB means citizenship amendment bill.

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