Court orders Archaeological Survey of India to survey Temples Across India To Find Out Whether The Religious Structures Are Standing Above The Hospitals Made By Nehru-Gandhi

A local court on Saturday ordered ASI to survey the multiples temples premises across the country to find out whether the religious structures standing at the present are above hospitals. The courts ordered while hearing a PIL against the central government where the petitioner has accused central govt of destroying health infrastructure of the country to build temples.

Reportedly, the petitioner in his petition wrote that Nehru-Gandhi era had built more hospitals and better health infrastructure than the current govt has done. Petitioner also accused the central government of focusing more on building temples.

Judge in his verdict orders ASI to do the survey of all the temples that are built in last six years. Judge while comparing the data and statistics said “For the last seven decades, only seven All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) were serving the country. After the year 2014, more than double, i,e, 15 AIIMS have been established in the country or are in the process of starting.

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