Chirag Paswan takes charge of food processing ministry, checks how Real the Real fruit juice is by experimenting on his own team

Big news is coming from the ministry, which nobody knew existed until now. Chirag Paswan has taken charge as the Food Processing Minister, and as his first job, he decided to check how real the ‘Real fruit juice’ actually is by experimenting on his own team.

Chirag Paswan, in his first meeting as the new minister, served real fruit juice instead of water to his team members. It was to check if the real fruit juice is actually fruit juice or not, as it is often accused of being a heavily adulterated sugary drink. When two of his diabetic team members fainted after drinking it, he concluded that it was indeed a sugary drink and directed the juice company to change its name from ‘Real’ to ‘Unreal’.

Talking about his fainted team members to The Fauxy, Chirag said, “Great work needs sacrifices, and because of them, our experiment is successful. In the next meeting, we will experiment to see if gas in chips packets can be used for cooking.”

Currently, he has ordered his team members to go and buy a stopwatch so he can check if Maggie’s claim to be ready in two minutes is real or not.

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