China Deliberates Exporting 2 Million MT Iron To Pakistan For Creating An Iron Dome To Counter India’s Air Strike

In the last three days, Hamas has fired more than 1,500 rockets from Gaza all the way into Israel. The night sky over Israel has been ablaze with interceptor missiles from Iron Dome shooting down the incoming rockets in the sky. Israel’s iron dome has effectiveness of over 90% that is inspiring more countries to have its own iron dome.

Reportedly, Pakistan too has planned to create its own iron dome. Speaking to The Fauxy, Pakistan Defence Minister Pervez Khattak said that Pakistan will have its own iron dome in next two years to avoid repeat of Balakot like air strikes by India.

China has put a condition on Pakistan that all the iron required for Iron Dome is to be bought only from China. Reportedly, China has decided to export two million metric tonnes of Iron to Pakistan and in return Pakistan will have to provide two military base to China.

Pakistan has agreed and is currently working on the size of iron dome that covers the area which shares border with India.

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