ChatGPT Fails Bihar Board Exam

ChatGPT, which stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, earned another A+ in IIM Ahmedabad exam after clearing Harvard with with responses that made coherent, internal sense and contained frequent insights. ChatGPT scored 99.97 and 98 %ile in IIM Ahmedabad and Harvard exams respectively.


However, ChatGPT failed the Bihar Board exam. With a high average IQ, the chatbot does lack cheating skill, one of the most desirable skill to clear the Bihar Board exams. ChatGPT ability to understand context is limited. Hence, the model fails to answer questions that need humanly aspect like cheating, paper leak etc


Founder of Open AI chatbot, ChatGPT Sam Altman told The Fauxy “ChaptGPT lakes the human touch and doesn’t have cheating skill since there’s no competitor of it. However, after the release of Google’s chatbot ‘Bard’ ChatGPT will have cheating skills”.


Sources suggest that ChatGPT will extensively study the Rajasthan state exams to develop the skills of paper leak. More details awaited.

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