Byju Ravindran’s net worth falls from ₹17,545 crores to 0, starts preparing for the Government exam from his own app

Big news is coming from the city of startups, Bengaluru, where Byju’s net worth has fallen from ₹17,545 crores ($2.2 billion) to 0 in 2024, and now he has started to prepare for a government job.

When starting the Byju’s app, he had only one dream: to bring India’s education standard to the world level. Thus, he acquired many educational institutions, including the coaching giant “Aakash,” to bring them up to his standards. He also had his executives trained by Network Marketing trainers so they could threaten and mislead parents into buying overpriced subscriptions but in a professional manner. He spent millions on FIFA sponsorship while holding the salaries of its employees, believing it to be a sacrifice for the greater good—the future of Indian students. But like all the do-gooders of the world, his downfall was inevitable, as his net worth crashed from $2.2 billion to $0 in 2024.

Speaking to The Fauxy, Byju said, “That’s what you get for doing good in this society. I wanted to give students quality education at a slightly higher price as I also had to maintain my billionaire status, but all their parents saw was the cost of it. I should have made a betting app instead. I remember my father’s golden career advice to just get a government job, and now I will do just that.”

After his downfall, his coaching center “Aakash” is rumored to be renamed “Paatal”. Meanwhile, Byju is trying to sell his Messi-autographed picture to pay for a course on his own app.

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