Bournvita to sell empty bottles as it removes Sugar to make it a health drink

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has asked Mondelez International India Ltd. — the company that sells Bournvita — to review and withdraw all misleading advertisements, packaging and labels, citing non-adherence to mandatory disclosures of sugar content. The decision was taken after a 90 second video by a Health Influencer went viral. The influencer read the ingredients mentioned of the Cadbury Bournvita pack explained that Bournvita is nothing but sugar.

Reportedly, Bournvita has decided to remove the unhealthy part of the bournvita and keep selling it as a health drink. However, after removing the unhealthy Sugar, Bournvita is left with nothing but an empty bottle. “Bournvita is now a bottle company that sells empty bottles to keep other healthy drinks” told a Bournvita official to The Fauxy.

Upon asked how an empty bottle is a health drink, Bournvita official told that when people drink empty bottle they get zero calories and being calorie deficit helps them stay fit and healthy.

Bournvita official told that the empty bottles will be sold only in offline mode so that people come out and get exposure to Sun and Vitamin D, which company has been claiming to be a main part of its health drink. The sale of Bournvita empty bottles will begin from next week. More details on this is awaited.

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