Biplab Deb’s Latest Nugget: Kolkata Bridge Collapsed Due To Bad Numerology.

Biplab Deb

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb has once again contributed a gem to his growing list of quotable quotes. The BJP leader who made headlines for a series of gaffes has yet again stirred a controversy by passing remarks on the tragic incident of the Majerhat Bridge collapse in Kolkata. Instead of blaming improper maintenance or poor quality of materials that went into making the bridge, Biplab blamed bad numerology for the tragedy. The Tripura CM explained that numerology is a science which is often overlooked by engineers and architects, and the imbalance between odd-numbered and even-numbered vehicles jinxed the distribution of force exerted on the bridge which may have triggered the mishap. The CM also assured public not to worry about bridges in Tripura and promised to implement the odd-even numerology scheme in his state as soon as possible.

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