Bigg Boss Contestant Anup Jalota’s Music CDs Leaked

Big Boss Contestant Anup Jalota and jasleen Matharu

Bigg Boss contestant Anup Jalota, is already making the headlines moments after featuring in the 12th season of the popular TV reality show, which got aired on Saturday. Anup Jalota the devotional singer and his very young partner Jasleen Matharu opened up about their relationship on the very first day of the show. However soon after the shocking revelation, Anup Jalota landed into troubled waters, not because of his age-disparity with Jasleen, but because his music CDs got leaked.

“The dirty game has begun now. Defame me all you want, it makes no difference to me. But this is an insult to the standard of Bigg Boss,” said Anup Jalota while addressing Bollywood media houses from inside the house.

Interestingly, Anup Jalota’s girlfriend, Jasleen Matharu had predicted that an explicit CD of him might surface ahead of the Bigg Boss show. According to media reports, the CDs were surprisingly recorded in January this year, at a point of time when Bigg Boss contestants were not even discussed or finalised by the channel.

In the music CD, Bigg Boss contestant Anup Jalota can be seen in a hotel room trying to morph and remix his devotional songs with Bollywood music.

The leaked CD is stirring controversy and some people are now calling it India’s ‘Bhajan-Gate.’ The leaked CD sparked up a ruckus inside the Bigg Boss house after it went viral outside. The show’s host Salman Khan brought it up before the contestants on the weekend show following which Anup Jalota blamed renowned Bollywood music maestros like Anu Malik and Pritam for the entire fiasco since they are well-known for lifting Bollywood music to create another Bollywood number.

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