“Bent down to Pakistan Army’s Chief due to a severe backache” clarifies Sidhu

Controversies don’t seem to be ending for cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu. Recently Sidhu attended the swearing-in ceremony of Pakistan’s newly elected Prime Minister, Imran Khan. Sidhu is said to have attended the event as Imran Khan’s friend, and not as a representative from the Congress Party or even in the capacity of an Indian. Nevertheless, his meeting and the following ‘bending down’ in front of Pakistan Army Chief has sparked a political debate. Sidhu has been criticized by people from across all parties who are now seeking an apology from him.

To add a further twist to the matters, instead of apologizing, Sidhu has given the whole incident a whole new ‘spin’. Soon after the conclusion of the swearing-in ceremony, Sidhu addressed media appealing them to not read too much in between the lines, clarifying repetitively that he bent down only because he had a backache owing to frequent traveling.

Many opposition leaders and social media users have now taken to Twitter demanding Sidhu to release his X-Ray reports by trending the popular hashtag ‘#PicturesOrItDidntHappenSidhu’

Whether Sidhu is being honest or not is a question best left to public conjecture, especially given his past track record where he often lied through his teeth. One such incident was when Sidhu had criticized former PM Manmohan Singh saying that “He’s Sardar but not asardar, I even doubt if he’s actually Sardar?”
Post joining Congress, Sidhu praised the very same Manmohan Singh in an almost exact manner, but this time meaning something else entirely:
“He’s not only Sardar but asardar Sardar”.

Social media users are attacking Sidhu for his act. One of the social media users pointed out that it was Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji who introduced Sidhu to politics and when the whole country is mourning the sad demise of Shri Atal Ji, Sidhu is busy bending the knee to the enemy nation.

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