Ayodhya Land Title Case: Babur’s Benaami Land Liable For Confiscation By The Government

Ayodhya Land Title Case: Babur's Benaami Land Liable For Confiscation By The Government

Just when the Ayodhya dispute appeared to reach a conclusion, a major revelation mounted up, which is very likely to change the due course of the case and may as well be another reason for a delayed verdict. A recent RTI appeal has bared that the disputed land comes under the case of a Benami property as it is not registered under Emperor Babur’s name as previously claimed by various related outfits.

The revenue department has issued a show cause notice to a group that had previously claimed that the land belonged to Babur’s clan, asking them to produce the source of income details for Babur. If the claimants fail to produce sufficient evidence, then Babur shall be considered guilty of committing an offence under the purview of Benami Act and shall be punishable with harsh imprisonment. Everyone claiming to be the living descendant of Babur shall also be liable to a fine of around 25 per cent of the fair market value of the property.

“We will celebrate the upcoming Diwali in Ram temple, and the penalty collected from Babur shall be used to build the Ram Mandir,” said Swamy, while addressing media on the eve of Dussehra at the Ramlila Maidan.

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