Apple To Take Legal Action Against Oppo And Vivo Users If They Post About The Apple Event

With Tim Cook’s keynote, Apple’s biggest event of the year has begun. Apple is likely to launch the iPhone X advanced series, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus among other products. Apple fans have already gone berserk about the unveiling and social media is flooded with #AppleEvent posts. However, Apple isn’t too happy about the attention it is receiving from the event.

Apple’s database has discovered that a larger number of people are tweeting and posting about the Apple Event and to their surprise, the number is far higher than the no. of existing iPhone and iPad users. Baffled by this Data, Apple COO, Jim Fry has decided to take legal action against people who are talking about the Apple Event but using an Oppo or Vivo phone to do so.

Reportedly, India has become the world’s second-largest smartphone producer and this is what the US and Apple are particularly unhappy about. Apple’s threats to pursue legal action against Oppo and Vivo users should be taken with a pinch of salt and Indians should ignore them as usual.

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