Amit Shah Mistakenly Poaches His Own Party’s MLA In Karnataka

On Monday, the ruling party BJP and its president who’s also known as the Chanakya of current politics had to face a major embarrassment after he mistakenly poached his own MLAs.

BJP President Amit Shah in yet another attempt to form a government in Karnataka attempted to poach the JDS and Congress MLAs. Amit Shah reported to other the party members that he has successfully convinced 2 JDS and 1 Congress MLA to join BJP after which the BJP party came into a celebration mood.

But the celebrationd didn’t last long as the Karnataka in charge of the party Kiran Maheshwari informed the media that all the MLAs who joined BJP were already BJP MLAs. Their long names added to the confusion.

Reportedly, the MLAs whom Amit Shah claims to have poached from the other side, took this as an opportunity to make some money. Amit Shah has ensured the other party members and party supporters that strict action will be taken against these MLAs but they won’t be suspended as the party is already struggling to reach the majority mark to form a government.

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