Alka Lamba to tie a Rakhi to Arvind Kejriwal in order to Dismiss Rumors

It’s that time of the year when boys run away from girls (unlike the rest of the year). Yes, we are talking about Rakshabandhan, a Hindu festival where sisters tie rakhi to their brothers and in turn receive not only gifts but also a lifetime vow of protection. With various festivals getting influenced by politics nowadays, Rakshabandhan doesn’t remain untouched too. Many women celebrate the day by tying rakhis to their respective MPs and MLAs and in return get promises (mostly fake ones) of protection.

This festival particularly has become a test to identify the true relationship between a boy and a girl. Couples nowadays often hide about their clandestine relations due to societal pressure. Many even lie claiming to be cousins in order to avoid criticism (and Bajrang Dal). Things are slowly getting out of hands and many groups even force couples to celebrate Rakshabandhan together.

A similar demand has come for Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal, who has a very unethical image in public. Despite being married, Arvind Kejriwal has been regularly accused of being flirtatious with his party workers like Alka Lamba and Swati Maliwal.

An old news feature had previously revealed that Arvind Kejriwal used to frequently call her aaloo out of love. Also, recently an RTI revealed that Arvind Kejriwal allegedly consumed alcohol worth ₹80,000 in a period of just two hours during the swearing-in ceremony of Kumaraswamy. Alka Lamba came out in his defense and clarified that she knew the personal habits of “Arvind Ji” and that he hasn’t even touched alcohol ever. Even Arvind Kejriwal’s (lawfully wedded) wife Sunita Kejriwal couldn’t make such claims and that too with so much conviction.

The above incidents have made people curious about Arvind Kejriwal’s real intentions. People are asking Alka Lamba and Swati Maliwal to tie rakhi in Arvind Kejriwal’s hand in public so as to dismiss all the rumors. In another news, Kejriwal was reported taking shelter at Manish Sisodia’s house until the dreadful day passes.

CM Arvind Kejriwal isn’t the only politician who’s been targeted. There’s a high public speculation that a certain politician belongs to a special community, which is known to accept the unacceptable. As a result, Congress president Rahul Gandhi, who claims to be a Janeudhari Bramhin, has been asked to show pictures of himself and Priyanka Vadra celebrating Rakshabandhan.

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