After Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra to adopt eight more kids of a Rohingya family.

On 18th August, just one month after media houses broke the story about Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s affair, the couple got engaged in Mumbai. Right after the event got over, the couple’s engagement photos flooded the internet and people started speculating on their marriage date. Though the couple has not announced the when and where of the ‘D-Day’, they have announced a bigger news.

Priyanka Chopra while addressing the media after her engagement party announced that she’s going to adopt eight kids (excluding Nick Jonas).

Priyanka Chopra specifically mentioned that these kids will be of a Rohingya family, who are currently illegal immigrants of Myanmar and living in West Bengal.

“Her recent tryst with Nick Jonas, who happens to be 10 years younger to her, has invoked latent maternal instincts within her. Also, if she intends to make it big in Hollywood, she would have to beat Kim Kardashian in her inter-racial baby producing game. The fastest way to do that is to adopt readymade kids from across the border” disclosed a celebrity columnist to Zoom TV.

People across the nation have appreciated Priyanka Chopra’s decision and many people are calling it a befitting reply to BJP supporters, who were calling her names after she met the Rohingya refugees a few months back.

Experts believe that Priyanka Chopra has taken this decision not on humanitarian grounds but on the request of West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee who sees these kids as her future voters, who will eventually vote her as the PM.

One of the paparazzi questioned Priyanka Chopra about adopting Kashmir pandits kids, who are living like immigrants in their own country to which Priyanka Chopra replied that since she’s not staying in India from quite some time she’s not aware of their condition. Meanwhile, the internet is abuzz with rumors that if Chopra succeeds in her stunt, she might be considered as a strong candidate for India’s entry to the Nobel Peace Prize.

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