Adani buys crores worth of ‘Prega news’, mistaking it to be a News Channel

India’s second richest person, billionaire Gautam Adani, has developed a new addiction: buying news channels. Following the acquisition of NDTV and the Indo-Asian News Service (IANS), Adani attempted to satisfy his latest urge by buying crores worth of “Prega News,” believing it to be a news channel.

Reportedly, a day after Adani announced buying Prega News, 20 Prega News employee quit the job and started their Youtube channel.

Adani’s addiction began when NDTV, an Indian news channel, started accusing him of being close to the current government. He bought the entire channel as he likes to keep his affairs private, unlike Ambani. This move led Ravish Kumar, regarded as the only true and fearless journalist in India after The Fauxy, to resign and become a full-time YouTuber.

However, Ravish Kumar was happy about it. As he said, “On NDTV, I only had one hour to speak, but here on YouTube, I can speak all day, and nobody cares.” Adani appears to be acquiring any organization that dares to speak against him or his best friend. Therefore, we issue a challenge: try to buy us, Adani, because we are ready to sell out in a heartbeat.

Speaking to The Fauxy a Prominent Opposition leader said “My wife told me that ‘Prega News’ is the only source of true and unbiased information and called it an attack on democracy and its fourth pillar.”

Despite all the negativity, Adani stocks soared to new heights following this news, as now he has “Prega News” the only technology that can deliver the news nine months before it actually happens.

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