A JNU Student Breaks his iPhone 11 in Anger Because of Hike in Hostel Rent

Jamal Ansari, a JNU student, was already frustrated with the recent verdict of Supreme Court on Ayodhya. Jamal was trying hard to understand the 1045-page verdict given by the apex court, further raising his frustration to the next level.

Amid all this, his friend got him the news that the hostel rent has been increased by ₹30 per month by the JNU authorities. The rent, which was previously ₹120 per month, has become ₹150 per month after the increment. Jamal couldn’t resist the news of tremendous increase in hostel rent and threw his iPhone 11 against the wall.

He regretted breaking his iPhone 11 later. Now, Jamal is planning to call other students to protest against the hike hostel rent along with the demand for compensation of his phone.

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