5000 SBI Employees sacked after caught moonlighting for SBI

It seems the topic of moonlighting is not going behind the curtains anytime soon. Most of the Indian companies are raising concerns about employees taking up a second job alongside the primary job. However, there are some employees job in the same company at night.

SBI recently fired 5000 employees because they were moonlighting for SBI itself. Reportedly, 5000 employees didn’t work in the morning calling the entire morning lunch hours were doing work at night significantly increasing companies expenses.

This is against the culture of SBI, we are known for not working during office hours then why were these employees working at night. This is highly unethical and should be dealt strictly.” Said SBI Business Head.

This is one of its case where employee has been caught moonlighting for the same company that too without extra salary. We have no clue or law on how to deal with this. Said a moonlight expert.

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