108 Year Old Man Dies Despite Doing Yoga Everyday

Yoga, even after being advocated by top world leaders, hasn’t been able to convince today’s youth to make it a part of their daily routine. While Yoga enthusiasts all over the world swear by its results, there’s an evident loophole in adopting Yoga as the way of life. One of the main reasons for its failure is that there are many practical pieces of evidence which suggest that people die even after doing Yoga.

Recently a man, Guru Shri Krishna Ram (108), who used to practice Yoga on a daily basis, died, thus posing several questions on Yoga crusaders all across the globe.

Shri Krishna Ram who made sure not to miss Yoga even once was revealed to have never smoked or have consumed alcohol throughout his life and yet die at the age of 108. The most staggering question here is – what is even the point then?

Although Shri Krishna Ram’s family members say that he never fell ill in his entire life and stayed calm throughout, all these benefits could never compensate the exorbitant half an hour he spent away from his family, doing Yoga every day.

This is just one case where an elderly was involved, in many other cases, people have died at a tender age after falling victim to Yoga propaganda. A few days back a young 24-year-old boy died in a car accident. It was later revealed that he used to practice Yoga every day.

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