Woman caught receiving food online from kitchen window and serving it to family for the last 3 years

Online food delivery startups are doing well and the reason for it is the busy lifestyle of people. Recently a woman in South Mumbai was caught red handed when she was receiving the food parcel from her kitchen window and her husband entered the kitchen at the same time.

This South Mumbai girl Pooja had been serving some of the best food since last 3 years and was getting appreciated for her culinary skills by all her family members and also the neighbors. She had in fact lied to many neighbors when they were self-inviting themselves to learn the art of cooking from her. She used to say that she is sick, has lot of office work, her family doesn’t like anyone else enter the kitchen etc.

Police is starting an investigation to get clues about a larger racket involved in this incident. There might be many women who are doing so.

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