WHO Suggests Lions in National Emblem to wear mask to end the National Emblem controversy

The emblem atop the Parliament building, an adaptation of the Lion Capital on the Ashoka Column at Sarnath, ignited a raging controversy as several opposition leaders and citizens pointed out that the new emblem showed the lions with bared fangs.


The debate invited global criticism and support for the new national emblem. United Nation’s directing and coordinating authority on health, WHO on Thursday, suggested an idea to end the debate. WHO asked India’s PM Narendra Modi to make the lions of National Emblem wear mask.


WHO said that it will solve dual purpose as it will end the controversy and will also make people aware of the Covid pandemic, which is far from over.


The new idea by WHO again ignited the controversy. Opposition leader said that Lions don’t get covid to which BJP leaders said that’s why Modi ji didn’t get covid. Looks like the debate is never going to end.

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