US Changes Gun Control Laws, Mandates Restraining Training For People Carrying Unlicensed Gun

Washington, D.C.— America has a same routine when it comes to mass shootings: Prayers offered, money is raised to support the victims’ families and heated debates over gun control. However, for the first time, the US government under Biden is taking steps to make Gun laws stricter.

Reportedly, the Biden government is updating its gun control laws, making it more stringent. Sources suggest that the government is mandating restraining training for people who carry unlicensed guns. 

The decision was taken after data threw up some shocking facts. It was learned that over 78% of people carrying guns have bought them without a license and have no restrained behaviour. They press the trigger like they are pressing a phone button. Restraining training will make them use guns more judiciously” told one of the officials of the gun control law committee to The Fauxy.

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