U.S. to Send $100M Weapons Package to Afghanistan Ahead of its Match Against Pakistan in Asia Cup

Yesterday, Pakistani cricket fans got into an argument with Afghan cricket fans in the stadium, after which Afghan fans hit back and beat up the Pakistani fans mercilessly. However, Afghanistan fans didn’t have enough weapons as weapons were not allowed in the stadium.


A day after the match and violence that erupted, US President Joe Biden announced it will send a slew of weapons to Afghanistan as part of a $100 million package, including new guns, armoured vehicles and artillery. President Biden indicate that the US expects hard fighting on the ground in the coming weeks.


Joe Biden also approached to PM of India Narendra Modi requesting him to ask Indian cricket team to deliberately lose to Afghanistan to ensure that Afghanistan and Pakistan counter once again in Asia Cup.


Reportedly, PM Modi has responded to Joe Biden saying he will not request to Indian cricket team to lose deliberately to Afghanistan as current form shows they’ll lose it anyway.



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