The Successful Landing Of Falcon 9 Turns Out To Be A Reverse Played Video Of Its Launch

In one of the most historic events, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket landed successfully back on Earth after delivering dozens of satellites to polar orbit this week — and a tracking camera at the launchpad caught the rocket’s flawless touchdown on tape. No other space organisation comes close to spaceX in technology and precision.

However, the flawless landing of Falcon is not as real as it appears, in fact Falcon didn’t land. It has been learned that what was called the successful landing was actually its launch video played in reverse. Hours later it was found that the person who handles live telecast of SpaceX had uploaded a rocket launch video played in reverse making it appear as a safe landing. The video also included SpaceX scientists clapping. The mistake was caught after counting of safe landing started after the landing and it was in correct order and not a countdown.

After the post, Elon Musk is under tremendous pressure to upgrade SpaceX and ensure successful landing of any of its rockets as soon as possible.

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