The Kashmir Files Declared Tax Free In Pakistan

The Kashmir Files has taken India by storm. The film has been drawing massive crowds to the theatres in India. The film is based on the Kashmiri Hindus exodus by islamists. Hindus in Pakistan have declined from 23% to 6% in less than five decades, however, the Pakistan government wants even the remaining 6% Hindus to leave Pakistan. To ensure the same the Pakistan government has declared The Kashmir Files Tax Free in the country.


The Pak government has reportedly asked theatres to not levy any tax on the tickets. Pak PM Imran Khan official Twitter handle confirmed that the film will be tax-free in the country.



We are under the scanner of the United Nation minority right commission and Human Right commission, hence, we can’t force our minority to leave the country but by making them watch what islamists did to Hindus in Kashmir we can subtly hint them to leave Pakistan” told Pak MEA official to The Fauxy.

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