SpiceJet to Start Road Services by Removing Plane Wings After Multiple Take off Issues

On Tuesday, SpiceJet’s Delhi-Dubai flight was diverted to Karachi on Tuesday as the fuel indicator started malfunctioning, officials of the aviation regulator DGCA said. This is the sixth such incident on SpiceJet aircraft in the last 17 days. Reportedly, Spice Jet has decided to remove wings of 50% of its fleet and use the machine as bus to provide bus services on road and to other airline services.


Spice Jet after removing wings from its plane will act as carrier for passengers of other airlines to board the flight. However, a few of these planes will also be converted into restaurants in the airport and the bidding of the same will start soon.


We are removing the wings from some of our planes to expand Spice Jet business to more segments like Roadways and Waterways, the removed wings will be utilised as blades of wind mills” told Spice Jet CEO to The Fauxy.

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