Social Media User Asking People To Help A Pani Puri Seller Turns Out To Be The Pani Puri Seller Himself

Baba Ka Dhaba seems to have set a good trend of people helping the street vendors through the help of social media as many more people are now locating and giving shoutouts to the street vendors. However, some users are exploiting the initiative. A Twitter user gave a shoutout to Pani Puri wala from Thane, Mumbai and when other Twitter users reached out to help him they learned that the social media user himself was that panipuri wala.

Speaking to The Fauxy, the Twitter user and the pani puri seller said “I was waiting for some user to pick up my case like Baba ka Dhaba but when I saw no one is noticing me I tweeted about myself but when I was selling pani puri to one of the users and uploaded selfie tagging my Pani Puri account my phone notification rang and I got exposed”.

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