SC to form Collegium to decide people’s gender

During the hearing on the recognition of same-sex marriage, the Chief Justice of India, DY Chandrachud (CJI), pondered on the current gender spectrums, asserting that there is no absolute concept of a man or a woman and the question of gender is not determined by one’s genitals.

There is no absolute concept of a man or an absolute concept of a woman at all,” CJI Chandrachud noted. Reporting the CJI Chandrachud’s statement, an expert said that people’s gender are not decided by birth but who is going to be the next Chief Justice of India is decided by birth.

Sources suggest that Supreme Court has decided to form a collegium to decide people’s gender, as anyone can be either man, or woman, or LGBTQ. Since gender can’t be decided by one’s genital it has to be decided by some other parameter or a collegium.

The collegium to decide people’s gender will have retired SC Judges and some incumbent SC Judges. Upon asking whether the collegium will have PM of India, one of the SC judges said it’s far more complex that only we lord judges can understand.

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