SC Grants Bail To Mohd Zubair, orders Govt to Build 300 mtr Tall Statue of Mohd Zubair

The Supreme Court of India on Wednesday granted bail to Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair in all the six cases filed against him across Uttar Pradesh.

Supreme Court reversed its own order against Nupur Sharma where the two SC Judges refused to club all the FIRs and blamed Nupur Sharma for burning the country and Udaipur case, where a Islamic man murdered a Hindu for supporting Nupur Sharma.

SC in its judgement said that Mohd Zubair has United the people of this country (against Nupur Sharma) and unity brings strength. SC also ordered the Govt to build 300 mtr tall statue of Mohd Zubair and name it ‘Statute of Secularism’. Govt has already floated the tender and has set the target date of 6th Dec 2022.

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