Sachin Tendulkar criticises Prithvi Shaw for not holding the bat correctly while beating his fans

An argument over selfies quickly escalated into a fight with a baseball bat and a car chase in Mumbai for cricketer Prithvi Shaw, according to a police complaint. Eight people have been named in the police case for allegedly charging at Mr Shaw and his friend, breaking the windshield of their car.


The controversy turned bigger when cricketing god, Sachin Tendulkar also criticised Prithvi Shaw. However, the criticism wasn’t for his behaviour but for the way Prithvi Shaw was holding the bat while breaking the windshield of the car.


Speaking to The Fauxy, Sachin Tendulkar said, “A batsman should try to play in the ‘V’, but Prithvi was playing across the line and there was a problem with his grip also. Prithvi needs more training“. Ravi Shashtri once said “When I see Sachin, Sehwag and Lara in Prithvi Shaw“.


Although Prithvi Shaw hasn’t responded to the controversy but Prithvi Shaw’s lawyer has requested either bail or bat for Prithvi Shaw.



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