RCB signs a contract with a calculator manufacturer as its calculator partner for five years

Following the trend of men’s IPL team, RCB Women team in WPL also lost their fifth match in a row and remained winless after losing to Delhi Capitals in Monday’s clash at the DY Patil Stadium. RCB now has a still a very slim chance, however that chance isn’t easy to calculate and for the same reason the RCB has signed a five year contract with a calculator manufacturer as its calculator partner.

Speaking to The Fauxy, RCB owner said “One of the biggest cost that we incur in IPL is the cost of calculator that our players and their fans buy to find out the chance of RCB qualifying, the trend has remained same in all the IPLs and even in women IPL and to reduce the cost we have signed a contract with a calculator manufacturer“.

RCB will soon have the Calculator brand name and its logo on the players’ jersey. Reportedly, the IPL has signed the deal at whooping Rs 124 Crores for five years.

As per the contract, the calculator manufacturer will keep calculating the RCB chance every hour and after four matches every half an hour. Result of RCB’s chance can be find out on its social media accounts and the website.

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