Ranveer Singh Might Be In Depression As He Posts His Picture In Plain White T-Shirt

Famous for his quirky fashion sense, Ranveer Singh on Saturday shocked his fans by posting a picture in plain white T-shirt. While the actor never fails to grab attention with his weird dressing sense, in his recently uploaded picture on Instagram, he managed to make his fans worry about his mental health.

The detailed study about the picture by a Psychiatrist  reveals that it is highly likely that the actor is under depression.

“When someone does absolutely opposite of what he is, prima facie we can say that the person is depressed” said Psychiatrist Manju while rolling her weed.

“It is too early to say that the actor is depressed and we should wait for 2-3 hours more. If he doesn’t post any picture of him in weird dress then we might have to take the actor to rehabilitation centre.” said another Psychiatrist.

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