Ranu Mandal Demands Land for Church Too in the Disputed Ayodhya Land

Supreme Court of India gave a historic judgement on Ayodhya dispute. Of both the parties – Hindus and Muslims – some welcomed the verdict and some are not satisfied. While all this, another major community of India i.e. Christians, felt left out.

Therefore, some Christian organisations came together and requested the new prominent figure among Christians, Ranu Mondal, to speak on their behalf. Ranu Mondal decided to file a claim demanding some land in Ayodhya to be dedicated for Christians as well so that they can build a grand Church. She said that this will be a display of true secularism of India if Supreme Court allots some land to Christians. I will also request Sidhhu ji to come forward and demand some land for Gurudwara.

The Fauxy tried to speak with Ranu but she said she has no time as she wanted to practice singing. We heard her calling her personal assistant saying, “aaaaaa aaaaaa”.

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