Rahul Gandhi to Appear on Mann Ki Baat Every Sunday to Improve India’s Ranking in Global Happiness Index

India continued to fare poorly in the world happiness index, with its position marginally improving to 136 as against last year’s 139. Even war-torn Ukraine has fared better than India. However, India is now taking several significant steps to improve India’s rank in happiness index. Reportedly, the opposition parties are also coming forward to make India do better in happiness index.


Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi will appear on Mann Ki Baat show every Sunday. Rahul Gandhi will interact to 140 crore Indians in his own unique style to make them happy. Rahul Gandhi will also talk about facts and stats, which he generally does, to provide people meme content.


Many leaders have also suggested to go into war with any country citing Ukraine’s happiness index despite it being brutally attacked by Russia and its Presidents Zelenskyy’s helplessness.


If a country at war also has better happiness index it means that people love war, India must attack Pakistan or China to improve its ranking in happiness Index” said a BJP leader.


I’ll not be surprised if we get to know that India’s misfired missile was actually a deliberate attempt to improve India’s raking in global happiness index.” said an opposition MP.



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