Pakistan to Auction 1992 World Cup Trophy to Raise Money

Pakistan is possibly going through its worst economy phase. The country is neck-deep in domestic and international debt. Foreign reserves have dwindled; imports—on which the Pakistan economy rests—are badly hit; FDI flows are minuscule. The situation further worsened as Pakistan PM Imran Khan faces no-confidence motion.


Despite all this, PM Imran Khan is trying his best to raise money and get loans to revive the economy. However, PM Imran Khan hasn’t been successful so far and has now decided to auction the most precious and the only achievement of Pakistan – the 1992 Cricket World Cup Trophy.


Yes you heard it right. Pakistan PM Imran Khan in his address to the nation announced that the country is going to take some difficult step to revive its economy and the first step is to auction the world cup trophy.


Reportedly, Imran Khan called a high level meeting where it was decided that it was Imran Khan himself got Pakistan the trophy in 1992, hence, he has full right to take decision about its auction. The opening bid has been kept at $100m and Imran Khan is expecting $1B as bid close amount.


If the auction is successful we have a few more trophies including the 2009 T-20 WC to auction and revive the Pakistan’s economy” said the Pakistan federal minister Fawad Chaudhary.



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